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Manowar Lyrics

Achilles Agony And Ecstasy (In 8 Parts)Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy
All Men Play On 10An American Trilogy
AnimalsArmy Of Immortals
Army Of ImmortalsArmy Of The Immortals
Battle HymnBattle Hymn
Battle HymnsBlack Arrows
Black ArrowsBlack Wind, Fire And Steel
Black Wind, Fire And SteelBlood Of My Enemies
Blood Of The KingsBlow Your Speakers
Bridge Of DeathBridge Of Death
Brothers Of MetalBrothers Of Metal, Pt.1
BurningCall To Arms
Carry OnCarry On
Courage FrenchDark Avenger
Dark AvengerDark Avenger
Death ToneDeath Tone
DefenderDrums Of Doom
Each Dawn I DieFast Taker
Fast TakerFight Until We Die
Fighting The WorldFighting The World
Gates Of ValhallaGates Of Valhalla
Gloves Of MetalGuyana
GuyanaGuyana (Cult Of The Dammed)
Hail And KillHail And Kill
Hail To EnglandHand Of Doom
Heart Of SteelHeart Of Steel
Holy WarHouse Of Death
Kill With PowerKill With Power
Kingdom ComeKings Of Metal
Kings Of MetalManowar
March For RevengeMarch For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)
Master Of RevengeMaster Of Revenge
Master Of The WindMetal Daze
Metal DazeMetal Daze
Metal WarriorsMetal Warriors
MountainsMy Spirit Lives On
My Spirit Lives OnNessun Dorma
Number 1Outlaw
OutlawPiano Interlude
Pleasure SlaveReturn Of The Warlord
Return Of The WarlordRevelation
Revelation (Death's Angel)Ride The Dragon
Secret Of SteelShell Shock
Shell ShockSign Of The Hammer
Sign Of The HammerSpirit Horse Of The Cherokee
Sting Of The BumblebeeSting Of The Bumblebee
Swords In The WindThe Blood Of My Enemies
The Blood Of My EnemiesThe Blood Of The Kings
The Blood Of The KingsThe Crown And The Ring
The Crown And The RingThe Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)
The Demon's WhipThe Fight For Freedom
The Gods Made Heavy MetalThe Gods Made Heavy Metal
The Master Of The WindThe Master Of The Wind
The OathThe Power
The PowerThe Power Of Thy Sword
The Spirit Horse Of The CherokeeThe Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee
The Warrior PrayerThor
ThorThor (The Powerhead)
ThunderpickToday Is A Good Day To Die
Violence And BloodshedViolence And Bloodsheed
WarlordWarriors Of The World
Warriors Of The World UnitedWarriors Prayer
Warriors PrayerWheels Of Fire
Wheels Of FireWilliam's Tale
William's Tale
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